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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Excitedly working on new site

I'm very excited that in the next couple of days I will be launching a beautiful new site with a few more features and no google ads.

Thanks to all of you faithful readers for your support and feedback. I've always wanted to reach out through the internet and I'm finally finding the time and excitement to do so. After a couple of months of getting to know some of my readers and praying about this little blog I've decided to improve upon what I've done and add a few things. Some stuff will be up this week, other things I'll be working on in the coming weeks and months.

Please do subscribe and note that I will be switching the subscriber feed in the next few days. If you for some reason do not get a new post in the next few days please come on this site and drop me a line.

If you have ideas for my site or something you've seen me do that you'd like to see more of, now is a great time to give your suggestions.

In Christ,
Chris Faddis