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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oh How We Need His Mercy

Tomorrow is Divine Mercy Sunday. The day that we as Catholics celebrate the outpouring of God's mercy that he promised to St. Faustina. Christ gave Faustina the prayers of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and said we ought to recite it as often as we can, especially in times of great need or trial.

I will write more about this great prayer later but let me just say here that this prayer has saved my life and my family in so many ways. It is only be Christ's mercy and by calling on that mercy through this prayer that I have gotten through so many situations in my life.

We need God's Mercy for so many reasons and only you know why you need His Mercy today. I encourage and even beg of you to pray this prayer today, for yourself and for your family and all those that you love. Beg God for mercy daily.

Below is a recording of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy from It is a great way to pray the chaplet especially if you have never prayed it or get distracted easily like I do.

You can also go to this site to learn more about the Chaplet and to get instructions on how to pray it. (Note: in your own prayer of this Chaplet you do not have to sing it like in the video.)

In Christ's Mercy,
Chris Faddis