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Friday, April 10, 2009


As I sat in the fourth row back of our Church gazing at the newly painted Corpus (Christ's Body on the Crucifix) I was enamored by the beautiful detail of Christ's body. The Corpus is an incredible masterpiece with the detail of the muscles being as remarkable as any world-class athlete on the front page of Sports Illustrated.

I have no clue if Christ was so physically fit as he is portrayed. I do believe however that he was perfection, the beautiful form of His body on the Crucifix represents that perfection. That perfection of both body and spirit for he was both humand and Divine.

As I prayed my Chaplet of Divine Mercy and gazed upon this work of art I couldn't help but think how this beautiful body was completely wrecked on Good Friday. Most of the Crucifixes in American churches do not show nearly how band his body would have looked. If anything they might show a little blood in his side where he was pierced. You don't see the blood marked slashes that would have been all over. Truth be told that you would not probably be able to recognize his body as human.

On Good Friday we remember how perfection was completely wrecked for the sake of our sin. Each slash, each rip of skin, each piercing of the crown, was taken by Christ so that he could save us from sin - so that he could pay for my sin.

As I sat, imagining his beautiful body be destroyed I thought of how some of those marks, were for me. It is hard to imagine someone taking being scourged at the pillar for my sake - but it happened.

Christ was completely wrecked in order that you and I could have salvation.

Last week I was asked to give a brief talk to some teens at a nearby parish. I was asked to speak about Christ's passion. As I was speaking I could tell they needed a visual to help them focus. I had someone get down a two-foot tall Crucifix off the wall and hand it to me. I held it up and showed it to them, saying they needed to look at Christ and what he did for them. I encouraged them to pass it around while I spoke and each take a moment to look at Him and His sacrifice for them.

I handed it to the first teen and said to take a few moments and pass it around. Before I turned away from him he had passed it off to the next person. I must admit I grew a bit angry. I stopped, turned to him, took the Crucifix back from the next teen and said, "Hey, don't just pass Him off without looking, take a moment, look at him, look in His eyes - HE DIED FOR YOU. And you don't even stop to thank Him?" I handed the Crucifix back, and looked him square in the face and said, "He loved you enough to die for you, now you take some time to thank Him."

I turned back to the group and went on with my sharing. I could tell they were taken by surprise and probably a little nervous. But the truth is they needed to be told that this was serious. We have no reverence for Christ's suffering - his sacrifice for us.

Below are some photos for you to gaze upon. Just as I told that teen, "Look at Him, look in His eyes, HE DIED FOR YOU!"