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Monday, May 25, 2009


Christ Ascended to Heaven.

I thought up a blog last night that I wanted to right relating to the Ascension and waiting for Pentecost but to be honest I think today is a day to just be grateful for God's love - for his death, for his defeat of Satan, for his resurrection and of course for his Ascension.

I'm enjoying a wonderful day with my family. We're making potato salad - my family's recipe which I have missed. There is something about making family recipes that makes you feel at home. Thank you God for blessings - for food - for memories - and for a future full of hope. Thank you for my wife - who loves me despite so many failures - my daughter who is our reminder of the creative and healing power of God's love. Thank you for my ministry here in Winston and through this blog. You have chosen your unworthy for a task that is so rich with rewards and challenges and I am just so blessed to be called to this work.

Thank you readers, friends - new and old. It has been a great journey these few months sharing life with you. I have found new friends that I am very grateful for though this blog. I'm excited to meet some of you in person soon at speaking events and I'm excited to continue to share this journey together.

Today I will not offer insight or wisdom - merely gratitude. So many things to be grateful for - but I want to go eat my incredibly yummy potato salad and maybe kiss my wife.

I pray that your day and your week is full of blessings and love.

In Christ,
Chris Faddis