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Friday, May 15, 2009

Join the Sainthood Project

Todd Lemieux is building an army - an army of people who take sainthood seriously. He's looking for 1000 people who want to strive for Holiness - who will hold one another accountable by prayer, by sharing in the journey, and by being honest w/their struggle in seeking holiness.

Todd Lemieux is the real deal - a man after God's heart. I'm in, I'm a part of the Sainthood Project and I want you to join us. Sainthood is not easy - it will take sacrifice, it will take a willingness to struggle through the hard times and allow God to prune us. I agree with Todd that together we can find our way - together we can boldly proclaim that we are seeking sainthood. I want to encourage you to join Todd and I and the other folks who are ready to seek Holiness at all costs.

Check out Todd's post: "Now Everything Changes" for a background to what he is trying to do. Then go here to find out how to join the Sainthood project.

Be not afraid!